Blockchain Infrastructure as an API

Ðapp development has never been easier

Write something to the blockchain

Using the blockchain takes no technical expertise

              curl "" \
  -u apikey       = "demoKey" \
  -d callback_url = "" \
  -d contract_id  = "demoContract" \
  -d user_id      = "fbid0124e4f790" \
  -d data         = "Say something to the blockchain"

Why Blockchain? helps you jumpstart your Ðapp



Instead of paying every month to store your data, data written to the blockchain is there forever! Just pay the gas to write your data and reads are free. We'll even give you your first half ether in gas for free!



One click to deploy a Solidity smart contract to the blockchain. One line of code to start using your smart contract. We'll worry about gas, wallets, hashes, and hosting an Ethereum node. You focus about build an awesome app.



Build Ðapps ANYONE can use! Your users don't need to understand the technical aspects of the blockchain to use it, and your technical users can still look at the blockchain and see the transactions for themselves.

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